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AFC Richmond Windbreaker Jacket

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We're Richmond till we die! If you root for the Greyhounds, this team jacket is for you. Inspired by our favorite club in the league, this lightweight, water-resistant men's windbreaker helps you gear up for the windy and rainy London seasons. Perfect for bounding, cosplaying, costume parties, wearing on the pitch, or just wearing every day because let's face it, it's a pretty awesome jacket.

Hand-cut and crafted with care, each jacket is made to order. It's fully lined with a mesh lining and the design is sleek and sublimated: that means it's not printed on top of the fabric and it will not scratch off or crack over time. Sizes are in "men's" but it can be worn by anyone!

-- High-quality lightweight, water-resistant fabric

-- 100% Recycled Packaging & Ethically Sourced Materials

-- Elastic cuffs

-- White zip pull

-- Has pockets

-- Fully lined with lightweight mesh

-- Printed, cut, and handmade

* See our FAQ for more information about our shop and orders, and see the photos for a size chart

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